Stitching Plans by Suzanne

The following Stitching Plans are available for purchase. 

These prices are for the stitch guide ONLY.  Posted price is for emailed PDF file.  Please add $7 if you want a bound, color copy in plastic sleeve to be mailed to you.  When you order a printed copy, I also send complimentary email PDF file.  I accept personal check and PayPal.  To order, send email to me at 

Click on each picture to enlarge for a better view.  If you see other projects on the blog and are interested in a stitch guide that is not listed, contact me for information.  If it's mine, I will do my best to write one for you.  If not, I will direct you to the source that I used.

Thanks in advance!

Silly Goose by Scott Church

This 17-page plan includes large diagrams and easy-to-follow instructions on how to modify a Bargello pattern and how to stitch this amazing background that is actually tiny pinwheel flower patterns with beaded centers.  The puffy padded beak makes this little cutey come alive.  


12 cups for Slurping by Pippin

This 26-page plan was a custom request.  I have included suggestions for types of threads but not an actual thread list - you can purchase what you like or use your stash.  This plan includes a custom-designed teacup darning/fill pattern for the background that is really cool....and stitch diagrams for all cups, the spoon border, and a suggestion for an additional padded border around the outside for variety.

Plaid Heart by Associated Talents

This 26-page plan contains thread suggestions and diagrams for different stripes, plaid areas and attached rhinestones. 

But.....this piece is the perfect STASH-BUSTER!  What better way to use your leftovers and learn some new stitches?  

Tiny Carrots (Bunny and Chick) by Kathy Schenkel

This 21-page plan includes stitches for both of these adorable tiny carrots.  The chick has a sweet silk ribbon bow and ribbon flowers. The bunny has fun little flower button attachments.  The awesome Double-Stitch background is diagrammed two ways.


Big Swirly Beard Santa (St. Nick) by Raymond Crawford

This 12-page plan includes velvet thread, brick-beading and turkey work techniques and mounds of beautiful French knots. 

I give you my take on beading with different color beads versus different color thread, etc.  It's a pretty nifty trick/lesson.

Large Red Santa Suit by Designs by Sharese

$ 35  Click here for free copy!

This 17-page stitching plan uses brick beading and two 3-part composite stitches that are fun to learn and create a magnificent effect on this large pillow canvas.  If you like to try new combination stitches and you like to stitch larger areas, this is the project for you.  It is simple but packs a POW once completed.  Trim in white boa or fur available at craft stores or direct from the designer when purchased.  Contact me if you are interested in purchasing this canvas and I will contact the painter for a custom order.

Champagne Toast by Raymond Crawford

This 13-page stitching plan includes Brick Beading, Pile Beading, Tent Beading, and some Upright Cross/Brick Stitch for the border!

Chocolate Bunny by Ewe & Eye & Friends


This 13-page stitching plan will prove to make this piece a quick and enjoyable experience.  She's an adorable little Easter treat with candy-like ears/eye and milk chocolatey colored threads...makes this piece totally delicious!

JOY striped star by Raymond Crawford


This 25-page stitching plan contains thread suggestions and diagrams for 18 different stripes. 

But.....this piece is the perfect STASH-BUSTER!  What better way to use your leftovers and learn some new stitches? 

Not-So-Jolly, Pouty Elf by Maggie

This 22-page stitching plan is so much fun for this grumpy guy.  Techniques include beading, sequins, memory thread and felted wool applique. 

Squirrel Snowball Fight by Scott Church Designs

This 16-page stitching plan will have you trying a new technique that I call Pile-Beading for the snowballs, turkey work for the fluffy tail, and an awesome composite stitch for this wonderful background.  You can elect to knit the tiny scarf like I did or use a diagrammed alternative stitch/thread.

Nutcracker King by Susan Roberts

This 25-page stitching plan was a custom request and contains my suggestions for stitches, threads, quantities and techniques for this large canvas.  The canvas is beautifully painted on 13-mesh and has bright bold colors.   Includes an amazing 3-part composite stitch for the background that looks like twisted ropes.

Girly-Girl Christmas Reindeer by Ewe & Eye & Friends
$ Coming Soon

This 15-page stitching plan has been super popular - it's adorable but the fabulous background puts it over the top.  The designer called him Doug but I decided he'd be much cuter as a she...and with a little sparkle, some gorgeous eyelashes and a sweet little bow, I think I was successful.  Seems like a challenge but this 13-count piece was stitched in one weekend...and was so much fun!

Mischevious Rudolph and Santa by Meri Meri of DJ Designs
$ coming soon

This 17-page stitching plan is another super popular piece.  It's whimsical, fun to stitch, and has another fantastic background that is much easier than it looks.  This 13-mesh canvas stitches up faster than one would think and most of the stitches are categorized as easy.  You can't go wrong with this piece.

 Doggie Bones by Ann Wheat Pace

This 16-page stitching plan for three simple but adorable dog bones makes for an enjoyable little memory piece.  Guide includes stitches for all three so that you can pick and choose what you like for the bone you select.

Spooky Witches Brew by Melissa Prince Designs

This 16-page stitching plan includes intermediate-advanced techniques such as tortured flair, padded beaded bubbles, and an amazing triple border.

Graduation Cap by A Collection of Designs

This 11-page stitching plan will help you stitch up a super quick and easy memory ornament or gift for your grad.  You choose the school colors and add the year.  Skill level is "easy."  Use Kreinik and straw silk and silk ribbon to make this little piece pop.

Little Pink Crab by Patty Paints

This little cutey is completely beaded except for the awesome added border.  So much fun to complete using the brick-beading method. 

Pink Poppy by Jean Smith

This 18-page stitching plan was designed as a teaching piece for the intermediate skill level.  Learn a round Bargello with beads, double stitch with beads, memory thread, silk straw, and a fun lattice laid-filling background.

Mr. & Mrs. Claus Suit ornaments by Designs by Sharese

This 15-page stitching plan includes the suggestions and diagrams for both pieces.  Fast and easy....and super fun!

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