Monday, May 16, 2016

Mother Darling

My sweet daughter has called me Mother Darling for many years - not your ordinary term of endearment.  I love it.  I changed the colors in my bedroom this past year.  If you know me, you know that I love aqua blue tones and greens and coral.  Mix all that up and add distressed white furniture and white lacy bedding and that's my style.  

I commissioned a striped piece in dark teal and chartreuse with white lettering in cursive that says "Mother Darling" and it was so much fun to stitch!  I love having large painted areas on which to add composite stitches with several parts...and embellishments!

I stitched the middle "green" stripe first using two shades of chartreuse yellow-green, but very close in color, in Pepper Pot silk.  I chose a Cashmere Checker stitch and used the slightly darker shade for the basketweave and the lighter color for the cashmere.  I previewed the lettering technique in the previous post.  For that, I used one strand of Watercolors in bright white to basketweave the letters as a base.  Then I used white beading thread and white beads as an over-stitch using the brick beading method.  It's FABULOUS!  I hope you try it.  

For the teal stripes, I picked a composite stitch so I could use several different threads.  The first part looks like this:

Before I started, I made the decision to stitch the row that touches the middle stripe so that I could attach the sequins in full which basically means I compensated before I even started by adding a portion of the the pattern before proceeding with full runs of the pattern.   Had I just stitched those squares without essentially stitching the bottom row of what would have been the preceding square along the edge, then I would have had to compensate the would you do that?  I think that once it's all stitched, it looks fine...better with a full sequin.  

I selected two different shades of Impressions - darker for the outer border of the squares in the pattern and the lighter aqua for the centers.  I had tiny aqua shimmery sequins in my stash from a previous project so I attached those with clear beads at the openings between squares instead of stitching that part of the pattern.  

After that, I added the lighter aqua scotch squares inside each square to complete the pattern.  I considered adding some outlines between the sequins to give even one more layer of dimension.  Right now, I'm just watching and waiting...waiting on my decision.  LOL 

Here is the completed piece (unless I decide to do the over-stitching):

My current plan is to have it made into a pillow for my bed.  I found a striped fabric that is the exact same colors to use for backing and/or maybe a ruffle or trim depending on what style I choose.  It's a large piece so I might just put white cording around it on the front so that there is no fabric or ribbon to take away from the stitching/design.  

Here's to all the darling mothers out there!  Happy stitching!



Sheena said...

Fabuluous! I just posted the last comment in the wrong place. Love what you have done with this canvas :)

Diane Gasior said...

I am in love with this canvas. Not only for what it says, but for your fabulous stitching. I just want a piece of your creative brain. Please!

Suzanne said...

aw shucks! THANKS, LADIES! It was so much fun to stitch that I want to order more! And fast to stitch!

Steph's Stitching said...

Very cute.