Saturday, April 9, 2016

Winter Wonderland Window

I love stitching glass.  Sometimes I use Prisms but it is so hard to work with.  The result is usually worth the effort though.  Lately, I've been experimenting with Kreinik #4 braid in Easter Grass color.  I've also been experimenting with stitches.  I previously stitched a snow globe for myself, then ordered another to stitch as a gift for a friend whose family has an inside joke about snow globes.  On the first, I did Basketweave.  The second time, I did Brick stitch over 2 vertically.  Since the items were identical (something I rarely do), I could compare the two in both stitching ease and final appearance.  The Brick was definitely faster to stitch and looked good, but probably not quite as good as the Basketweave only because you can see the stitches because it's not fully covered - straight stitches with thin thread, you know?.  However, if you have an intricate painted design and need it to show through a little more clearly, the Brick stitch or another open type stitch is probably better.
Fellow blogger, Mary Legallet of Whimsical Stitch Wednesdays, also did a series on glass stitches which was timely for me because I had three pieces with glass in process at the time.  She is amazing by the way!  I've made note of her suggestions and look forward to trying them out, particularly on a bigger piece - I've had my eye on a Melissa Shirley mason jar.  Visit Mary's wonderful stitching blog here or use the link on the right under My Favorite Stitching Blogs:

The other thing I love about stitching glass as glass is that it allows for the beautiful painted canvas to show through.  I know it's painted for us to essentially stitch over, but being a work of art on it's own, it's nice to sometimes just enjoy what's painted.  I also have a personal pet peeve about items behind glass being stitched with dimension or texture - for me, it just doesn't seem "right."  So, learning some new ways to stitch glass and allow the painted work to show through is great for me.  

Here is the most recent piece of glass I stitched:

This piece was super awesome because it depicted a viewpoint from inside a house looking out the window.  There were items inside the house in front of the window - wrapped packages, a corner of the Christmas tree, and candles and evergreen bough on the window (inside).  The interior items can be fully stitched with fun threads that add texture and dimension for sure.  Here I used beads and bows and fun stitches.  Outside the window you see a snowman, a dark sky, a creek, snow and icicles.  The exterior items should not be "stitched" since they are beyond (behind) the glass.  That would be where you use a "glass" stitch.

The window framing was stitched, both around the window and between the panes of glass.  For the glass panes on this piece, I stitched Brick horizontally using the Kreinik #4 Easter Grass.  I think it worked well to allow the exterior scene to show through.  This was a super-fun little piece that stitched up over a weekend. 

I love stitching glass but I will say that it can be similar to stitching black on black...hard to see and possibly a little stressful. You have to be in the mood to handle it...LOL.


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