Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Santa's Tractor

I made this cute little piece over the weekend.  It's on 13-count mesh so it was a little trickier to find the right threads but I was still able to complete this entire piece from my stash!  I made this little ornament for my sweet neighbor who not only helps me take care of my lot but who bundled up and cleared driveways and streets for us during the 18-inch snow pile-up this last winter in Lubbock.   I think he will love this Christmas gift.  

I wanted the tractor to look shiny so I used Neon Rays.  Because I was just using what was in my stash and because I decided that this tractor could be festive for the holiday, I used Fyre Werks for the dark green outlines.  I thought that little bit of sparkle was okay.  I tortured some Flair for the smoke.  I used an old card of Santa's Beard and Suit for his beard....I really miss that discontinued thread - wishing someone would make a new version of it.  Oddly enough, I had never used Boucle French Knots for trim but it worked out for this little bit.  Snow for the snowy road and Crystal Braid 02 for the winter sky.  A fun and funky little finish.  

I think I might make the Santa on a motorcycle for my Step-Dad next. 



Bryan said...


Did you paint this canvas? If so, would you consider taking an order for one?

Suzanne said...

No...I ordered it from Pocket Full of Stitches in Lubbock. It came in pretty fast if you want to call and order. Happy stitching! Suzanne