Saturday, April 30, 2016


This was a very popular refrain in our house while my daughter was growing up.  I'm not really sure where I got it, but I used it a lot.  Not just because I wanted her to be tough and not whiny....but seriously, I'd rather her just literally rub some dirt on it and keep on playing.  And she did.   We laughed recently as she reported that she was probably 10 years old before she realized/learned that perhaps you weren't really supposed to rub dirt on wounds and keep truckin'.   But as often as not, I threw that line at her when the going got tough and I wanted her to keep "Rub some dirt on it" became our tag line of encouragement to never give up.  And it makes me smile.  I have one tough daughter...sensitive, but tough.  

So I had my favorite custom painter make this small canvas for me to surprise my daughter with for Christmas.      (

Having recently discovered Thread Worx overdyed metallic braid when I stitched the Silly Goose piece, I was itching to use it again.  I love it so much!  I bought this blue-green mix just because I loved the color and was so excited to try it on these letters.  Because the letters were only one thread wide, I knew I was limited to something I could tent or cross-stitch.  This metallic softened up the overall look and was heavy enough to make the letters pop off the background a little bit.  I like it.  

Backstitched Herringbone creates the cute border and was the first thing I stitched.  I used Crystal Braid for the herringbone and then came back over it with Kreinik 9032 Easter Grass for the backstitches. I think it toned it down just enough and gives it a little sparkle.  

I had this cute fabric in my stash that matched her favorite aqua/teal tones for the backingI think I might have the finisher put magnets in the back so she can stick it to the front of the fridge or file cabinet, etc.   Or I might just finish as a hanging ornament so it could be used anywhere or hung on the ornament tree year-round.  

 So when the going gets tough, just say....

 And keep going!



Sheena said...

Great saying! I love your fabric, that would make a neat stitched pattern :)

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Sheena! :)

KreinikGirl said...

Looks great!