Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A silly goose is a happy goose!

My Silly Goose is complete!  And I LOVE how he turned out!

This is a NEW DESIGN by Scott Church Creative for CBK Needlepoint.  

I decided that I just couldn't dig the velvet ears from the last post.  I tried to like it, I really did.  So, after a few other failed attempts, i finally just picked up some Pepper Pot Silk (dreamy, I know) and stitched something simple.  Much.  Better.

I literally tried 8 different stitches for the body of this cute goose.   Lots of ripping and lots of sighing....lots of coming back to look at it later.  I finally realized that I was trying to make him too realistic.  A goose with bunny ears on his head?  Really?   So I changed tactics and just picked a thread that I loved and a stitch that I loved and decided that this crazy Bargello was just the ticket!  I love how it turned out.  It's a little "off"...just like this goose!  

The background is my favorite!  It looks much better in person. With that much painted shading and an overdyed thread and a busy little stitch, it is just impossible to get a good photo.   These little pinwheel flowers were fun to diagram and fun to stitch.  I added tiny little pink beads to each center and it was the perfect finishing detail. 

Stitch guide is available for purchase for $35 PDF via email or $42 color printed and spiral bound through USPS First Class Mail.  Use the Contact section on the right to let me know you'd like to purchase.  I will send PayPal invoice or you may request to send personal check - delivery upon receipt of payment.

Happy stitching, you Silly Goose!



Diane Gasior said...

So cute and oh, so silly. Love it.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, friend.