Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Legacy ornaments

So...I went to a 6-week summer camp as a kid.  And 30 years later, my daughter went to the same summer camp.  It's in the Texas hill country on the Guadalupe river.  One of the most beautiful places on earth and one of the best experiences in life.  

This is a picture of my sweet daughter in 2011,her first year as a counselor, after 10 years of being a faithful and awesome camper.  The large felt "M" pinned to her dress represents years of working to earn the privilege of being an "M" girl, one of the highest honors at camp awarded to deserving campers.  10 years as a camper and 5 more so far as a counselor...I guess you could say my girl loves her summer camp.  

So to commemorate our dual legacies, I had three ornaments custom painted by my friend, Lynn, whom I've blogged about before.  She is a perfect needlepoint painter...every canvas is stitch-painted exactly as you want it.  You can find some of her impeccable work at her Etsy store, Needlepoint by Sharese, or contact her for your own custom requests:

Here is the ornament that she painted for me to represent the "M":

The "M" is exactly like the large felt emblems that would go on high school letter jackets. I wanted a fiber that would have a dull smooth effect with no shine in order to mimic the felt. This new thread by Rainbow Gallery seemed to be just the ticket.  Capri has a very, very matte finish, perfect for imitating felt in this case. I can imagine it would be wonderful for many occassions when you just don't want the sheen of silk or rayon. You ply it down and use a laying tool just like stranded silk.  It performed very well for me.  I used slightly shorter lengths to prevent fuzzing.  I love the new Capri 18 and I love the way the ornament turned out:

I decided the Gloriana Perle that I love was just too thick for a background after I got the M stitched, so I switched to a fine Kreinik braid.  You can't see the sparkle in the picture but it looks great in person. After many failed attempts at something fabulous, I settled for the trusty T-Stitch.  I stitched it to be open at the holes and will put a sparkly fabric behind the canvas before finishing so that it shows through.  I think this background was just enough and when the piece is adorably finished, this will be a darling memory ornament:

Stay tuned for another precious camp ornament....


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