Thursday, March 3, 2016

By the pricking of my beading fingers.....

I'm almost done...had a temporary stoppage because I ran out of beads - only had a small patch of seaweed left to complete.  And because my poor little pricked fingers were too sore.  Also because I had lots of various company over the past week.  I'm hoping to debut my finished fully-beaded blue crab next week so keep an eye out for that.

Here's a little more teaser that includes some "messy beading" seaweed....

I know this is not everyone's cup of tea but I love beading, especially brick-beading.  I guess it's my basketweave - you know, how therapeutic it is for some to just basketweave a piece.  I should probably have a brick-beading piece going at all times.  I do think this piece will be beautiful.  I love the colors and I thoroughly enjoyed stitching beading it.  It took way less time than I anticipated.

When I ran out of beads, I started a cute new small piece....

I've started the beaded lettering but I'm not happy with it.  The capital H at the top is attached with a cross stitch using size 11 beads on this 13-mesh canvas, but the beads are a little crowded.  The lower "y" is just tent stitched on with a lasso and still crowded.  So I think I will try smaller size 14 beads to see how those look.  I might just decide to stitch the lettering instead of beading.  What I know for sure is that I want those words to pop since that is basically all this canvas is.  If I can pad the lettering enough to double-stitch over it, then I might like that - more to follow.  

The background was so much fun to stitch.  I previously diagrammed this composite for a custom stitch guide but hadn't used it yet myself and really wanted to try it - so since this little piece was painted with words on a solid green background,  I had a blank space on which to experiment.  Canvas in 13-mesh limits thread options so that took me a beat to figure out what to use for this.  I ended up using Silk & Ivory along with Silk Lame Braid which I stitched over twice.  It was nice to work a full pattern that didn't require plying or laying the threads.  I think it will look fine once the words are popped.  I think I will stitch this piece again and try a different approach.  Stay tuned for the reveal of both canvases by next week!

Happy stitching!


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