Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Another small camp ornament

My 3rd custom-painted camp ornament. This one is based on the camp logo - used on bumper stickers, shirts, etc.  Driving in Texas, we often see cars on the road with a Mystic bumper sticker on it...honk-honk.

This one gave me fits....I knew exactly what I wanted for the sun and cross...done.  I used a #4 Kreinik and stitched long rays coming from the edges of the cross out to the circular edge of the sun.  I beaded the tiny little cross and it turned out perfect!  

And I pretty much knew I wanted something open for the sky...done.  Just a bargello wavy pattern that skips a row of canvas between each run.  I used white Neon Rays in tent stitch for the words and might go over them one more time once I finish the grassy hills so that it will pop up a little more.  Seems to me a go-to for me to stitch over something twice.  It was the grass/hills that stumped me. First I tried some random grass stitches and then I added some Kreinik fill in a T-Stitch.  Ripped all that mess out after I tried three different versions...no kidding.  Was definitely a sighing kind of night.

Then I added some of the bargello-type pattern from the sky and considered doing that throughout the green for symmetry.   My daughter actually liked it with the hills simulated in the bargello at the top of the green and the grass stitches in the bottom because it represented both from camp - the hill country and the grassy river banks.  But I just couldn't leave it that open and couldn't get past the unorganized look of it all.  it wasn't finished and I knew I could clean it up a little, but it still looked like a HOT MESS to me. 

So I ripped out the remainder of the "grass" stitches.  I knew I wanted to keep it simple and open, but boy, did I struggle with that.  I don't do a lot of open work - generally, it bothers me when the canvas is not "stitched".   Finally, I just finished it out with the random bargello and called it done.  

The only thing buggin' me right now is the MYSTIC.  I think that since it wasn't painted with the white bar across it, that maybe I should make a faux bar/stripe by just basketweaving behind the words.  That would clear it up and make it more legible and not like letters stuck in the middle of a bargello field.  And it would retain the simple and open hill-y look.  More sighing....that means more ripping and adjusting.  Maybe I will just stare at it for a few days and see what moves me.  Or I'll just take it off the bars and call it done.  Yep, that's probably what will happen...on to stash-stitching!



Anonymous said...

I, personally, love it. My Son just got onto the high school he wanted and I'm planning similar treks into the custom needlepoint stuff. I need to save your painter, she's fantastic! Margaret

Suzanne said...

Thanks! Definitely use my painter...her stuff is meticulously perfectly stitc-painted....a dream to work with.

Happy Stitching!

Kathryn said...

My boys went to LaJunta - any chance of one of their s in an ornament? Good at stitching, not so good at designing!!

Suzanne said...

I'm sure Sharese would paint one for you if you have something to go by and know what you want. Logos, etc. with permission from LaJunta. You can contact her at her Etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/NeedlepointbySharese?ref=l2-shopheader-name Her shop name is NeedlepointbySharese.

Or use the Contact Form on the right side to request details on how to order directly from my friend who designed/painted my custom ornaments.