Friday, March 11, 2016

Another POIAD finish!

Saw this cute canvas and just HAD TO HAVE IT!

Finished it in a weekend basically!   And so much fun to stitch!  I love having just an open painted space to put in a composite stitch.

I did not end up using the Velvet that I purchased.  Instead, I just used two green fibers, the Silk Lame Braid and the Silk & Ivory, for this twisted background.   I originally intended (and tried) to bead the letters but just could not get it to look right.  So I ended up using the red Neon Rays and cross stitching the letters.  And then I added the Van Dyke the way it just made the piece POP!

Here is the diagrammed stitch that I used in case you'd like to try it for a large background:

It was really nice to work with two threads on this one that I did not have to lay.  I love how cute this little piece turned out!  Might have to buy a few more and stitch them for gifts - which tells you something about my friends/family....LOL    Would be fun to try a number of different background stitches and then pick my favorite to keep and/or give to my sweet daughter.  I've really enjoyed stitching these Point Of It All Designs pieces...but I'm not used to 13-mesh.  It's a nice departure for a couple but my favorite is 18-mesh.  Stitching on 13 and then switching over to 18 makes it look SUPER TINY though.  I have to take a break between or it really messes with my head.  I'm moving on to now to try to finish up some canvases that I've started, and some almost completed, so I can reduce my stash and have a sense of accomplishment before I start something new.  

Happy stitching!



Diane Gasior said...

Perfect in every way. I just love it!

Suzanne said...

Thank you so much!

Silverfox said...

what is a POIAD?

Suzanne said...

POINT OF IT ALL DESIGNS, the designer of that canvas as well as the beaded crab piece I did.