Friday, February 19, 2016


Well, hallelujah!   This girl is back to stitching!

Funny thing that happens to me once in a while - I get in a funk and just don't stitch.   At all.   Weird, I know for someone who loves needlepoint as much as me.  I never stop perusing needlepoint.  Or thinking about it for that matter.  But sometimes I go months without stitching - this time since the end of July.  But I'm back...and apparently with a vengeance!  I recently went to Austin with a dear friend for a needlepoint weekend and since it was my birthday, my Mother gave me the perfect gift...a gift certificate to The Needle Works to use while I was there.  And I spent it all for this piece that I have loved for a long time:

When I first saw this piece, I knew I wanted to bead it.   Yep, I'm beading the entire thing.   It's going to be fabulous.  And so I sat down got tiny little bead at a time...

I'm still at it and still loving it.  I will post more pics soon - hope to stitch a lot this weekend.  Is it brave or crazy to stitch a piece that is 12" X 13"?  



Brenda's Needlepoint Studio said...

Wow, it's going to be gorgeous. Will you do different types of beads in the various areas?

Suzanne said...

Mostly brick stitch but I have a couple of other ideas in my head like messy beading for seaweed and a tight crab's head...stay tuned! Thanks for the comment.

Happy Stitching! XOXO