Thursday, July 2, 2015

Stitching from the Stash...

Took one more off of stretcher bars this week!   Looks like stained glass to me.
I really wanted to do some amazing diamond shaped Jessica stitches or something spectacular on this piece...I would have even settled on beading and heaven knows I tried everything, but......this piece wasn't stitch-painted and the diamonds are not all the same.   Bummer...HUGE BUMMER.
So, I used Neon Rays from my stash and just did Basketweave for the colors.  I did the Upright Cross with Neon Rays Plus for the middle white part of the cross and put black beads on the border. 

I guess it turned out pretty good anyway.  Would have been better if I could have made it fancy but I just couldn't make it work.  Ever have projects like that?  I need to learn to count the stitches before I buy something. It really messes things up when you have a plan you just can't carry out. 

A friend who recently visited me was a good sport and actually sat through a show-and-tell of all my canvases.  Funny thing to me was that every time I picked up a piece, her first question was "How are you going to finish it?"   Considering I'm the girl who's only ever finished a few pieces (but I'm working on that!), my stock answer seemed to be "Well, I have no idea."  Another funny thing, to me anyway, was that she would ask me what fabric I was using on the back for almost every piece.  Interesting....I never even think about that while I'm stitching.  I told her that I didn't really care about the back and she looked horrified.  She quickly corrected me and said "Of course you do!"   I'm not around other stitchers much so I'm curious if everyone but me plans all that out in advance and really fusses over what fabric is on the back.  Having said all that, I have no idea what I'm going to do with this piece.   
I am working on gathering and organizing completed projects for finishing and having much fun selecting trim threads and what-not....perhaps I will try a little harder on the backing fabric.  More on that later... 
Happy stitching this week.   I will have another canvas off the bars soon!


Anne Bloom said...

I love this! who is the designer?

Needlework: The constant thread said...

Love the stained glass effect.

LIZ said...

I rarely know what I'll do with a finished piece! Many end up in a portfolio. If I'm making something for someone else, I may have the finished piece in mind. a lot of my stuff gets framed or goes into a tray or box, so fabric is seldom involved. You're not alone!

Anonymous said...

I just about always know what type of finishing will be done (e.g. pillow, standup, ornament) because it affects the stitch and materials choices. I avoid more fragile threads or beading if it will be a pillow. And, if it will be framed, I'd avoid tall stitches that could get crushed (I don't normally frame things).

Suzanne said...

All great comments so appreciated. It's always fun to get feedback and find out how your methods compare to others. Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!