Thursday, July 16, 2015

Santa's Workshop

I've been making some progress on the North Pole mini-village from Rebecca Wood.  I have all of the pieces and I decided to stitch all of the snow and the sky first....on all 12 pieces.   So that's what I did.  I haven't started the body of any except this workshop.
I like the way the log cabin effect turned out.  Haven't decided if I like the red door yet...might frog and re-stitch that one.  I already know that I am going to use Boucle in French Knots for the wreath with a "real" ribbon bow.  I am covering the windows in 8 ply of Prisms so that you just see through like glass.  In the picture, I've done that on the window on the right.  While you lose some of the detail of the elf inside the workshop, I think it looks most like a window. 
I absolutely love the snow drifts on the ground.  I did the roof first and in hindsight, I wish I had just used a smaller Bargello pattern with the lines running horizontally on the two side roof sections.  But all in all, I really like it so far and this pieces has been so much fun to stitch.  I am such a Rebecca fan that I could stitch almost everything she paints.  I have the Reindeer Barn canvas on order and can't wait to get started on it!
I have some threads pulled for the little reindeer and the big sleigh so hopefully I can start on those soon.  More to come...


Anonymous said...

I love all Rebecca Wood too! This is such a cute canvas and I love your "snow" stitching. I'm looking forward to seeing the series as you stitch it.

Lisa Petersen

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Lisa!

Happy Stitching,

Anonymous said...

Suzanne, Looks great!! > Marilyn