Monday, June 15, 2015

Stitching plans by Suzanne

Writing stitch guides is hard.    But it's also fun.
Probably much harder than most stitchers realize.   And it can take a LOT of time.  Nonetheless, so far I am really enjoying it.
When I decided I was going to start composing stitching plans, I reviewed all of the stitch guides that I had purchased over the years from various sources and I also used the search function on the Needlepoint Nation and other FB pages to read comments from stitchers about what they would like to see in the ideal stitch guide.  I queried my stitching friends and made notes about my own preferences...all the things I wanted to see in a stitch guide for myself and all the things I'd want to include if I were drafting stitch guides.  There are as many methods and formats as there are stitch guide writers and there are probably as many preferences as there are individual stitchers, so clearly there is no "one" way to do it and no "right" way to do...just a few different options from some amazing and talented writers. 
Sometimes, we have no choice because there may be only one guide for a particular piece or the stitched sample of that piece is the one you want so you take what you get as far as the structure of the guide from that writer. When you read/use my stitching plans, I hope you recognize some of the things you have requested, either mentally or via comment.
About my stitching plans:
  • All guides, even custom requests, are typed and computer-designed.  Nothing is hand-written. 
  • Guides are in a table format which makes for easier reading and section breaks.
  • Designer and canvas name/number is included.
  • Color picture included – stitched sample shown when possible.
  • All pages are numbered and the left margin has been increased to accommodate the binding and/or a three-hole punch for those who like to use binders.
  • A complete supply list is included.  When possible, I include suggestions for alternate threads for those that might not want to ply or may have a large thread stash.
  • I include a separate supply list (free from the binding) to take to the shop - includes a check-off column and a column for substitution notes should you make changes while purchasing.
  • I clearly mark items that only require a scant amount of thread so that you may consider a stash thread before purchasing a full, new item. 
  • Supply list includes other items that you might need such as laying tool, thimble, flat iron, etc. and include the size of stretcher bars required if so desired.
  • I include my information so that anyone using my stitch guides has a way to contact me directly.
  • I provide suggestions for finishing.
  • I organize the stitch in the suggested stitching sequence.
  • I separate each section for you in its own grid.
  • I include large, color diagrams with each section even if the diagram has been previously used so that you don’t have to constantly flip pages back and forth.
  • Thread information, color & number, is included in each section so that you don’t have to refer back to the supply list.
  • Complicated composite stitches are separated into individual steps and diagrammed independently and also color-coded in a combined diagram.
  • If I’ve stitched the piece, I include narrative about stitch selection and any issues that might have arising while stitching the piece or using that thread, etc.
  • When possible, I include an alternate stitch suggestion.
  • I include specific lessons and/or narrative about a technique used in the piece or a strategy that was employed in that particular piece as a learning opportunity and knowledge that you can use in a future project.
  • I provide a page that is attached in the binding for you to make notes that won’t get lost or separated from the guide.
  • I include a PDF-only price and a paper/post price.  The paper version consists of a spiral-bound color copy in a plastic sleeve, a separate shopping list and a complimentary PDF version that is immediately available.
  • I welcome any suggestions or feedback regarding any of my purchased guides or classes.
  • My hope is to provide an excellent guide that you enjoy working with and that is affordably priced.
Click the link at the top of the page to see a list of my plans that are currently available for sale.
Contact me if you have any questions or would like to purchase one of my stitching plans.

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