Thursday, June 11, 2015

Shake it up!

Don't snow globes remind you of your childhood?   As a kid, you would never walk by one without giving it a shake.  Metaphor for adults, we should be more like that. 
I've wanted to stitch a snow globe for a long time....and completely basketweave it over the painting to look like glass.  The only thing I've ever used for glass, windows, etc. is Prisms and if you've used it, you know how difficult it is to work with.  It's beautiful but a pain.  I still use it when I have windows or lights but I was so excited to see the post on NN by Linda from Dallas.  She posted a pic of her Big Tex snow globe and it was fantastic!  She explained that she used Kreinik #4 of course, I had to give that a try!   This little cutey is by Rebecca Wood on 18-count.

Yep, this piece is completely stitched.   I also just did basketweave with Impressions for the base because any larger or more complex stitch might make it come forward or look larger visually.  This is so hard to photograph but you get the idea.  I actually love person, it's fabulous. 

Here is a picture taken with a flash:

Definitely the Kreinik was easier to stitch with than the Prisms and it's a little "whiter" than the yellow cast that Prisms lends - which is perfect for lanterns and lights but as much for clear glass.  I learned a few lessons while stitching this piece.  I used a needle that was probably one size too big.  I picked that needle for comfort-sake as I had been stitching with a tiny needle all week and it was starting to bother me.  But in this case, I think that it's possible that the larger needle opened the holes up a little and causes them to show even more.  It's already an issue when you basketweave with such a thin thread that produces such light coverage anyway - the needle might not have been the issue at all. 
In person, it doesn't look as "bad" as photos; however, I do think I shall look for some shiny fabric or silver silk or something like that to use as a backing before finishing so that it helps diffuse the see-through problem a bit.  Anyway, it was nice to sit and basketweave an ornament...haven't done that in a while except for my houndstooth which doesn't really get included because of all the counting involved. 
I think I will look at the #16 braid in the same color for the finishing trim and have it stuffed pretty full as a round puffy stand-up or a snow globe.  It's a quick stitch...I just got this on Tuesday.  
I wish everyone a beautiful and relaxing weekend.  I am so excited to teach this weekend!


Vicky said...

It is the perfect stitch for that Suzanne! Don't second guess yourself...and I would have done it the same way

Mari M said...

Come up to New Jersey to teach!!

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Vicky!

Mari, I would absolutely love to come up to New Jersey and teach!!!! Have your LNS sign me up. Fun, fun, fun!!!!