Thursday, May 14, 2015


Every time I say I will not buy any more canvases until I've stitched most of the ones in my stash, something comes along that I just can't resist! 

Yep, I found a few more that I just had to add to my stash.  Bought some fun Rebecca canvases...the little village of tiny reindeers and the Santa's Workshop, etc.  I only got a few pieces so maybe I can get the rest eventually.  There are so many adorable little mini-pieces in that set.  I have two reindeer, a tiny Santa, a sleigh and the workshop.  But there are other reindeer, a Mrs. Claus, and some more houses like the Reindeer barn, etc.   I really want them all.   I pulled some stash threads so I can get started. 

From Rebecca Wood website:

Maybe I can post progress pics later after I round up my graduating daughter from UT next week.   I really want to do the entire 4th of July village pieces from Rebecca also...maybe I can scout those out for a good price.  If anyone has them and doesn't want them, let me know!  Thinking about it, I would also do the Easter village...I love Rebecca Wood pieces - they are truly some of my absolute favorite.  I love the detail and the whimsy..totally my style for sure!  Yep, I would stitch them all.  Yep, she is my #1.  I'm going to add her to my bucket list...would love to meet and hang out with her some day.  Perhaps I could "interview" her for my blog?
What about you?  Who is your favorite designer?



Anonymous said...

They are soooo cute! Will you do them all in basketweave? I feel guilty when I basketweave, as if I should be doing fancy stitches.

Suzanne said...

Oh, I have some ideas but sometimes on tiny pieces that's all you can do. I have some fun threads that will jazz them up a little though! I will post as I make some progress. I'm having needlepoint ADD at the moment....can't seem to pick just one thing to stitch. I want to stitch it all at one time!