Sunday, May 17, 2015

More unconventional use....

Cookie cutters!
I have some scrap pieces of canvas.  I have plenty of empty stretcher bars.  (which must mean I have been stitching my stash and getting some things OFF the stretchers - woohoo!).  I have a large stash of partial threads in every color.  And I have cookie cutters!
I decided that these would be much easier to trace onto a canvas than a clip art from paper.  And I can fill them with houndstooth or basketweave or some other awesome stitch pattern just to make simple little ornaments...Yay!
I traced the cute rabbit with the floppy ear and started a purple and white houndstooth for an Easter ornament.  My great idea is to use up my stash threads doing so.  So please tell me why I can't seem to "eyeball" how much thread I will need.  Lately, each time I try to use up a stash thread and think I should have just enough...I end up having to buy another skein because I need just a little more....geez.  Maybe I should call this a stash-building exercise instead?   Holy-moly.  If the little bunny turns out adorable, I will post a follow-up pic.  Until then, I shall keep trying to stitch my stash...both canvas and threads.  "Try" being the operative word of course. 
I have had some stitching buddies lately.  A dear friend came to visit for Mother's Day weekend and she brought her old man dog, Frodo.  Although he wasn't supposed to get up on the furniture, he hopped up in my chair every time his mother left.  Smart chap, he is.  He didn't seem to mind the stitching frame or any of my contortions to use it with him snuggled up beside me.
Usually, I have my niece dog, Maggie.  My sister travels for work and brings Maggie to my house with her own monogrammed tote bag...yes, Maggie's travel bag...adorbs!
She is the young little lady dog.  And she thinks all the furniture belongs to her.  And she's not so tolerant of the stitching items getting in her way.  But she is just as precious as the day is long.  Since my dogs have passed, it's fun to have furry-paw company.  Sometimes, Miss Maggie even comes fully dressed with a smile.

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Karen said...

Great idea...use of the cookie cutters. Thanks for sharing!