Thursday, May 21, 2015

Birthday girl!

Today, my amazing daughter turns 22 years old.   How did that happen?

What a week for a birthday!   She had the last final exams ever, got to pack up and move out of college housing forever, celebrated her actual 22nd birthday, will enjoy two graduation commencement events, have a birthday dinner with sorority friends, have a birthday brunch with actor friends, relax into some time with Mom, and endure a long drive back to Lubbock.  She will have a few days to repack for summer camp job and leave again.  Oh, the energy of the young.  I do try to keep up but I definitely need more down-time than I used to.  

My sweet girl grew up.....

Not hurt...just loved bandages.   She could have done a commercial at age 3 for Band-Aids!

Just sweet...already trying to see how much she can fit into one 24-hour day!

Yes, she gave herself a haircut like every other child on the planet.  This was the look she gave me as she took me to the sink to show me the little pile of beautiful blonde bangs and realized that I wasn't happy for some crazy reason.

Glamour girl just happy with life.

Superstar already in the making.

Adding more glamour when she can...why not?

Already on stage as a young actress...this time as an orphan boy in Oliver!

And now she's 22  - a college graduate, a lovely friend, my partner-in-crime, and an absolutely fantastic human! 

I am truly blessed and duly grateful...what a privilege.


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