Sunday, May 24, 2015

Baby Quilt~!

My lovely daughter turned 22 this month....and I can hardly believe it.  

I save everything.  I can't stand to think that something could have another use some day and I might need it.   I also save anything and everything that has any type of sentimental meaning to me.  So yes, I've kept two large trash bags full of baby clothes for over 20 years.  I picked out the special ones and put them away with plans to make a quilt some day.  Well, "some day" has finally come (or at least started).  So I recently dug out all of the baby clothes and proceeded to cut them up.  And let me tell you what a painful process that take the scissors to precious little outfits.  In fairness, I will say that several other friends used these same clothes - we just wrote our name on the tag with a sharpie before we passed them around and then back to the original owner.  These sweet little outfits got some good use!  Here is the pile of scraps after I starting cutting them up...

And here is what I turned them into.  I have other pieces and I will have strips to go between the blocks to fill in, but here you can get the idea and see some of the precious, precious keepsake squares that will become a legacy quilt.  I tried to include cute button plackets, darling pockets, collars, smocking, tags, diaper-cover ruffles, monograms, etc. and it I think it is going to be absolutely adorable. 

I haven't started piecing them together yet but I did iron on stabilizing interfacing on the back of every piece.  Boy, that took a while!  many of these outfits were jersey knit fabric so they had too much stretch without using interfacing. My primary goal this round was really to get to the point you see.  I needed to get the 2 or 3 giant trash bags narrowed down to this which all fits into a clear storage bin nice and neat.  
Now, one of these days, I will be able to sit down and start piecing.  Until then, it's one small-ish box on the closet shelf now....and that's no small victory.  I'm happy for now, except that I wish I could have finished the quilt for her birthday - maybe next year...or by the time she is 25...I mean, know how it is. 

Before I start putting them all together, I hope to photograph some of the individual blocks and write the story/memory that goes along with the outfit to include in scrapbook.  I think that will be a neat way to recover some of the "everyday" type memories that often don't get recorded because they get overshadowed by the big "events', you know?
I'm betting that many of you do other crafts and/or sewing in addition to needlepoint as well. 

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