Wednesday, April 1, 2015

the littles...

Even after recently doing a tally and revealing that my stash count was, well...too high.......and even after vowing to finish all of those or pass them along to another before buying something new....I still fell prey to a trunk show and a couple of darling Easter canvases that I couldn't resist. 

I stitched these simple doggie bones by Ann Wheat Pace weekend before last:
They stitched up fast with Impressions and will be darling ornaments.  My plan is to hang the dog tags of my two late dogs on the bottom or with the bow on top - pink for Holly, blue for Winston, and yellow for my next sweet canine friend that I have yet to find.
Then, this past weekend I stitched two tiny carrots by Kathy Schenkel:
Super fast to stitch but still had some areas that I could jazz up a little and I really enjoyed stitching them.  I think they are going to be so darling with this orange fabric backing and some awesome green ribbons sticking up at the top for the "greens".
Stitching plans for both of these projects are available for purchase and are posted here.  I included all three dog bones in one plan and both carrots in one plan so that a person could pick and choose which threads and stitches they might like for their own. 
Hope you are stitching something super fun!

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