Monday, April 13, 2015

Retreat piece finally finished....!

I've been working on this retreat piece a little a time for a while now...finally got it out and wrapped it up in the spirit of completing my stash!  It is from Ewe & Eye & Friends. 

My favorite part is the background and it is the simplest part of the entire piece.  It's just Skip Tent with Kreinik - the same color Kreinik all the way through - but the shading makes it amazing.  I started off following the stitch guide and I really tried, but some of it just didn't work (and I totally understand how that is when you haven't stitched a piece and you are just making the best "guess" that you can) and some of it just wasn't my style.  So, true to form, I changed it up.  I put some fun stripes on the middle bird and a shapely background on the bottom bird plus some really fun flower sequins.  I also changed the trees.  Both are just long random stitches - fuzzy stuff for the white and boucle for the green.  Then the fun part of shopping my stash for crazy awesome embellishments....confetti mix, gold beads, snowflakes, and big red beads.  Wow, I'm glad it's done.  It was one that was hanging over my head.  It is officially OFF the stretcher bars forever!  To be honest, this is not a piece that I would have ever selected and purchased voluntarily....I only did it because I wanted to participate in a particular retreat. This piece will probably end up being gifted to a lucky friend...not sure who yet, but someone. 
The stitch guide called for the Wheat Stitch on the birdhouse which I think looks good, except that one of the strips was painted shorter than the others...can you spot it? 
Now maybe I should sign up for another retreat somewhere? 
P.S.  It's the third row down in the birdhouse that was painted too short. 
And after I starting really looking at this picture, I realized that the fence wasn't painted right either...or I just missed it.   I think I need to go back and add in some fence between the trees on the left and between the green trees and the birdhouse.  Aaaaannnnndd, I missed a leaf in the middle bird's mouth...geez.  I am NOT putting it back on bars to do that.   Wish me luck....
I will say that photographing my pieces has ended up being the BEST way to find missed stitches.  Seriously.  Even if you are not a blogger or do not regularly photograph your pieces for insurance, etc., you might start doing it just to check your work.  It really helps. 
More hugs,


Lisa Petersen said...

You did a great job stitching this piece! I'm working on my stash and am almost done with the kindergarten pageant that you did too!

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Lisa!

Sherrie said...

I watched you struggle with this piece during the retreat. I knew you would do something amazing with it when you had time to think about it, and you did. Now I feel guilty my retreat piece isn't finished.
Thanks for the photography tip!

Suzanne said...

Thanks, my sweet friend. :) Maybe I'll wrap it up and send it to you for Christmas.