Friday, April 17, 2015

Play with Needles....learn about life and love and needlework

It's very popular these days to "binge" watch your favorite TV series using services like Netflix or Amazon or Hulu.....and I do that while I'm stitching.  Just finished Season 1 of Bloodline on Netflix and I really liked it.   Not too long ago, I binged the entire series of Parenthood and I was sad for it to be over.  My actress daughter turns me onto some interesting shows like Game of Thrones....enough said on that one.  Funny that so many of us watch it but are possibly a little embarrassed to say we do. 
Anyway....recently I totally "binged" on one of my favorite blogs, Plays with Needles.  Susan is a masterful, articulate, inspirational writer.  Her blog is such an amazing tribute to many different kinds of needlework and to the American family spirit and connectedness that we all long for in our own lives.   She opens herself up in such an honest way and gives us glimpses into her life and family and sometimes deep into her own special spirit.  I love her and I only know her through the blog.  One day, I would like to spend a weekend with her.  She doesn't know that yet.  Wait...a weekend is not nearly long enough...maybe a week and a half would be just right.
I have been an avid follower of Plays with Needles for a long time and occasionally track back to older posts that interest me.  Then I realized that it all interests me and I really wanted to start at the beginning and see what all I could learn.  Well, it took several many days and over the course of it, I learned a lot.   I learned about many kinds of needlework, about history, about books, about family, about love, about generosity, about giving, and about being the type of woman that holds up half the sky.  I laughed from the belly at times, cried more than I'd like to admit just because of the integrity and depth of Susan and her pen, pondered many things about myself and my own life, and made numerous exclamations like "Huh?" and "Wow!" and "OMG" and "How did she do that?" and "Is that photo for real?" and even "I'm single...wonder if there are any wonderful available men in her family" or "Wonder if she'd be willing to adopt me? I'd be a great sister."    So many beautiful life lessons in her blog.   Seriously.  Beautiful.
I'm still fairly new to the blogging game but hers inspires me to do try to write more often, be more open, and hopefully learn more about myself.  I get a fair lot of views for someone who just launched a blog for the fun of it but I don't get many comments so I really don't know who my audience is and that's okay with me.  I know that there are folks from all over the world that take a peek into mine, but since I don't really know why, I think I should just follow my heart and blog my soul.  Maybe it will become more life diary than needlepoint diary.  I often think how interesting it is that we are such voyeurs and like to peer inside the lives of others.  I think it makes us feel more human, less alone or odd or different, and okay the way we are since we are all the same really.  I try to remember how much I enjoy the virtual prurience that is blog-following when I start feeling narcissistic for assuming that my life is interesting enough for someone to "follow."    But, you know what?  The bottom line is that I blog for me and if it touches someone else or inspires/teaches someone else along the way, then "Yay!"   Following blogs is a totally voluntary thing and no one is forced to read mine so I shouldn't worry about "what" is okay to write about, right?  Hmmmm......I guess we will see what courage I can muster. 
I'm not doing this for Susan's sake or mine - her blog doesn't need my help  - but for your sake, my needlework friend.   Perusing her blog is time well spent.  Click here:
Thank you, Susan Elliott, another dear soul-sister I long to meet....and emulate. 
Have a beautiful and inspiring day! 
 This blog posted at 1:11 AM from a mother to a mother for a mother - with deep and sincere gratitude.


Http:/ said...

Well said. And I too love het blog and yours as well.

Brenda's Needlepoint Studio Blog

DedriaDesign said...

Nice job, Suzanne! You are so talented with your words, and your hands...and your head and your heart!

Anne Bloom said...

I love your blog and Plays With Needles. The 4th if July posts are some of my favorites!

Susan Elliott said...

Dear Dear Suzanne,

I am so deeply touched by this post about me and my blog. As I read, my eyes misted over but I wouldn't say I posted at 1:11.

That just did it for me and I haven't stopped blubbering since. Why is it, do you think, that a woman that I do not even know...that has just happened to "binge watch" my blog...has touched me so deeply. I'm not sure I know but I am very very grateful.

I started blogging about eight years ago...and I am still incredibly shocked that you are "out there" and that you actually care to read my ramblings.

When I started my blog eight or so years ago, I decided a couple of things. First, my blog would be written for me and secondly, I would never apologize on my blog for not posting, being there, whatever. I'm glad I've had those rules over the years...they've helped me stay centered. I hope you will share your own loves, life and vulnerabilities...and you are right to approach your blog as a place for you...It will be beautiful, I've no doubt. Things usually are when you follow your heart.

I see that you teach at Pocket Full of Stitches! I lived in Lubbock for three years, got my MBA from Texas Tech, and learned to needlepoint from Rhea and knit from Nancy. I have always loved that shop and Meg was one of my favorite people. She was at Texas Tech as an undergrad while I was going in there to spend my monthly budget allowance. My name back then was Susan Long. Tell them all I said hi. They may not remember it was so long ago...

My MIL and Jim's family all live in the Fort Worth area now so it's absolutely possible that we'll get to meet one day. Perhaps you will travel up here to teach at Bedecked and Beadazzled. Honestly, if ever you head this way or I head yours...we'll try to make it happen.

I have to log off now because I have a Japanese embroidery class tomorrow and I have oodles of stitching to do. I'll be back to read about you...your loves and your life. I'm so very very glad that we've met...xoxo Susan

Suzanne said...

Thank you all so much. My heart sings.