Monday, April 6, 2015

Still Mad about Plaid

Since the dreaded stash count, I've been working hard to finish pieces that were started and just needed to be finished up.  I beaded these cocktail/margarita glasses a few years back and just got hung up on the background.  I finally had an epiphany this weekend and added some PLAID!
Using 1-ply Impressions thread that I had in my stash, I worked the plaid method that I learned from Julia Snyder.  You pick your own colors and your own "pattern" or sequence.  It's just columns and rows of tent stitches that together create a plaid.  This one was a 3-2-4 in Pink-White-Green.  That means that there are three columns/rows of pink, then two of white and then four of green.  You start in the top left corner and skip every other stitch.  If you look at the top of this picture below, you can see that I had the columns stitched in that pattern. 


In this picture below, you can see the completed plaid pattern.  Once you get all the columns in, you come back through and stitch all the rows in the exact same pattern.  I could have done some math and picked a sequence that actually lined up and started and ended with the same pattern such as green on each end, but I didn't want to think that hard so I just stitched it and let it evolve to fit my space.  I am okay with that for this piece. Although the sequence is actually complete, it may look a tad odd with the pink on the left side and green on the right.  My preference if I wanted to work that hard would have been to have the same color on each side, so I would have had to add a partial part of the sequence.  I hope this is making's very hard to describe.
Beads always photograph a little funny - looks much better in person than in a picture.  I am happy to call this one finished and take it off the stretcher bars.  It has a summer look to it, doesn't it?  I have quite a few "littles" that are in the same bright pink and lime green color scheme that will look cute on the ornament tree in the summertime. 
Here is another project in plaid that I made from scratch.  I just traced the initials and then added the plaid background using this same method.   You can read the previous post here
I'm in the process of finishing a few others so stay tuned this week.


Diane Gasior said...

Thank you Suzanne for the beautiful , clear instructions. Do you always want to keep it light, is that why only one strand of Impressions? What other threads can you use?

Suzanne said...

I do not believe that you are limited by thread - just depends on the look you want. I would imagine that wool would look great or a Vineyard Merino. I just wouldn't want to have to lay threads for this type of pattern. Try it and be sure and let us know how it turns out! XOXO, Suzanne