Friday, April 24, 2015

LOVE all around...

Mom loves her daughter.  Daughter loves her mother.  Daughter loves her boyfriend.  Mom loves needlepoint stores.  Mom loves houndstooth.  We all love Austin!

So here are some deets:      (that's young-speak for "details")

I travelled to Austin, Texas this past weekend to celebrate with my lovely daughter, the "College Scholar."   The University of Texas holds a university-wide celebration to recognize those graduating students with the highest GPAs called Honors Day.  My awesome daughter will be graduating with "highest honors" from UT in May with a degree in Film/Screenwriting.  We will most likely see her on the big screen as an actor before we see one of her screenplays in action, but I'm excited for both.  She filmed a commercial for Academy and for ABC television's What Would You Do? this stuff.  I was even lucky enough to run lines with her for an audition she had to stop off to do while I was in Austin.  I was terrible at it. She was amazing, as usual.
I am obviously so proud of my daughter who works so hard at her studies (UT Film 3.89), her jobs (nanny, bartender, personal trainer), her career (acting), and still finds time for her Mother Darling, her friends, and her "new" love (boyfriend).  I say "new" because they have been stellar close friends for all four years of college and just recently both had the courage to profess their secret love for each sweet is that?  The result is a couple who looks like they've been together for years.   It's precious.  It's so interesting to see my girl being so in love with a boy.  He is over-the-moon for her and treats her like a princess with much love and respect which is all that really matters to me, but he is also an impressive young man - hardworking, handsome, successful, kind.   Wow.  I wish them the best in life and love - they both deserve it. 

While in Austin, of course I usually try to at least "stop by" or "just run in" The Needle Works shop.  And my daughter is ever-so-accommodating as always.  I met Colleen and ran into a couple of my needlepoint friends from the Dallas area who were in town for the Needlepoint Nation meet-up at the shop.  How exciting!  This trip, I picked up some Burmilana that I needed and decided to grab a couple more colors for some Valentine's houndstooth that I had in mind.  Unfortunately, I didn't get enough so my sweet girl is going to grab some more for me this week so I can maintain dye-lot.  Here is my progress so far...

Ignore the random markings on the canvas - I used a "blank" piece that I had previously used to draft some other bright ideas.  I just printed a clip-art in the shape of a heart, traced it onto 18-count canvas and then I'm filling it up with the houndstooth pattern.  I selected Burmilana wool in a bright coral pink and a soft light pink combination to create a Valentine's heart for my ornament tree.  I love it so much.  You know that feeling you get sometimes when you just want to basketweave for a while?   Well, this is like that...essentially it is all just basketweave but in a pattern.  I love how soothing and rhythmic it is.  I also love how you can change it up just by using different colors or shapes.  I have plans to complete one in greens for a cone tree.  So many shapes would look good with this simple pattern; stocking, mitten, tree, heart, shamrock, circle with monogram in the middle....

If you missed the diagram I posted, you can find it here.   When I figure out how to post/upload a pdf file to this blog, I will do that so that you can just print it out for reference.  Meanwhile, if you want one, please feel free to use the Contact Form on the right to request it be sent to you via email.  I'd be happy to do that for you.

We love Austin.  I guess I have enough "hippie" in me to understand and enjoy the vibe there.  We love to go sit lakeside and just relax.  True to form, we enjoyed the water on a beautiful, sunny Sunday for over 8 hours.  We were there so long that we had to move twice because of the sun and then spent about 4 more hours after sun dropped and the moon took over.   There's just nothing like it.  One of these days, that view/smell/sound will be my backyard and I will write these posts from my porch looking out over the rippling, reflective water that I love so much.  Ah, the stuff of dreams....dreams that will come true.

I wish for all your dreams to come true.


P.S.  In case you find these great kids and this acting stuff interesting, here is a short student film from 2012 that is pretty great.   Yep...boyfriend is the writer/director/producer and she was his superstar even back then.   Groovy part of Austin in the background.

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