Thursday, April 16, 2015

Here's to us....a Champagne Toast!

I finally finished the Raymond Crawford Champagne flute!

It's difficult to get a picture to look great when the piece is beaded like this...I've tried with a flash, without a flash, at an angle......this is as good as I can get it.  I guess I could dig out the "real" camera and try to take a more professional photo but for this purpose of just-for-fun blogging, this will have to do. 
I've discussed this one before and you all already know how much I love to bead - seems like I find at least one little spot for beads in almost all my projects.  And maybe a little turkey work for good measure!  Nonetheless, this piece is almost all beaded.  In hind sight, I wish that I had just continued with the black and brick-beaded it as well...or skipped the black border altogether, but alas, once I started, I just kept going and it turned out all right. 
I used three different beading methods in this one:  Brick beading for the background, tent beading for the flute, and piled beading for the bubbles (my own method that I previously used here for snowballs).  After stitching, I lined up the beads in the glass flute and then went back through them with needle and thread to straighten them up in rows - seemed to work pretty well and make those unruly suckers look a little more uniform.  Then I added Upright Cross on both edges of the black border and then filled in with a brick stitch and some gold metallic backstitching for good measure. 
Definitely going to need some "wow factor" for the finishing on this one and I will have a neat little ornament for the New Year to hang on my year-round ornament tree. 

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NCPat said...

Nice! Great ideas for all the beading!