Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Backlight Challenge Accepted

Here is the cone tree that I showed as a WIP.  I stitched the Framed Diamonds over the entire piece. 

When background was completely stitched, I beaded strings of awesome size 11 beads to place on the swirls.   I wanted a more monochromatic look in the green colors that I like instead of that Kelly green that was painted.  I used the backlight to see where to place them and couch them in place.  Proved to be a little more of a challenge than I originally planned because I did a heavier, more complete stitch than originally planned. 

I'm not completely crazy about my overlap and wobbly lines at the bottom - looks like I was tipsy when I stitched it.  I think I will redo just that part.  Which means I will probably have to redo the entire swirl - hmmmm....maybe I don't hate it that bad?   Wondering how it will look once it's rolled up into cone tree?  Well, I guess I will need to figure it out so I can fix before removing stretcher bars if necessary.  This project was a random departure from usual stitching.  I like it okay...for small areas.  It definitely gave practice in stringing and couching and swirling.  Not sure I'd ever do it again in a big area.  And the backlight process would have worked better if I hadn't stitched so densely which I hadn't anticipated.
This is another of my tips on using a common item in an unconventional way.  This little light box is sold with the children's art items in craft stores/big box stores.  I previously used it mainly for scrapbooking and tracing but it's awesome for needlepoint....random, but awesome! 

My plan is to trace some more cones in various sizes and create a cone forest display.  Another way to use stash threads and just have fun with crazy stitches/sequences that you might not normally use if you don't have a big, open area to stitch it in.  I really want to do this when I can figure out exactly how to design the cone shapes without an engineer handy.  LOL   I want tall skinny trees, not short fat ones, so that also affects the cone design.  Perhaps I will publish a pattern when I do get it all figured out in case there are others of you out there that would like to give it a try!
Stitch your stash!



Cindy Minick said...

Great ideas you have Suzanne!

Anne Bloom said...

It's cute! When I know I want to stitch something on top of what I have already stitched, I use Stretch and Seal kitchen wrap and trace what will be on top on that. After I finish my bottom layer I put the Stretch and Seal down and stitch over the tracing. There has to be planning ahead to do this but it works like a champ. I learned this from Amy Bunger.

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Cindy!
Great tip, Anne! I have used plastic wrap for transferring pattern but never thought about stitching over it.