Monday, March 2, 2015

Pink Santa back from the finisher.....

Drum he is in all his bright pink glory!

It's crazy how big the pieces look before you take them to the finisher - it's like they shrink while they are gone!   LOL

Love the matching pink raw silk that the finisher used on the back of this piece. 

I get to enjoy him for  a few days before I turn him over to his new owner, my lovely Mom.



NCPat said...

Beautiful stitching complimented by beautiful finishing!

Kate Healey said...

The Magical Goddess of Needlepoint was smiling on me today when I found your wonderful blog from the beautiful "Joy" Needlepoint Star picture posted on your site in 2012 and now on many boards in Pinterest. I have had a delightful time looking at the pictures of your lovely family, stunningly beautiful daughter and all the creative, artistic, talented skills and designs you have shared with the world. Thank You So Very Much for this GIFT. Kathi

Suzanne said...

Thank you, Pat. And thank you, made my day with your lovely comments and it reminds why I enjoy doing it. Sometimes it seems so narcissistic but mostly I just enjoy sharing as much as I enjoy learning about others in the same way. So glad you found my blog. Be blessed. XOXO