Monday, February 23, 2015

Gone to the birds....

I finally selected and purchases a canvas for my new Lee wallet.  You remember that I've used the same wallet for almost 10 years and have loved it.  Bummer that it was discontinued by Lee and there really wasn't an acceptable replacement.  So...I turned to our trust technology-driven world and actually purchased exactly what I wanted within hours.  So, I posted a picture of my wallet, outside and inside, on the Needlepoint Nation facebook page asking if folks would check their new old stock to see if anyone in the world had one of these tucked away that I could purchase.  Within minutes...literally, I had a response.....from a nice lady in Canada!   She previously owned a shop and had the exact product in her pile of unsold inventory just for me!  She sent me a paypal invoice, I paid, and my new wallet was on it's way to me in America within's that for new age?  I was doing my happy dance. 

Then I had to find a canvas for it.  I knew I wanted something with big stitch areas instead of a lot of detail and my preference was a black background since it was going into a black leather wallet.  I picked an adorable Melissa Prince bird canvas:

Then I picked some hardy threads since this piece will get some wear:

Okay, so the Vineyard Silk isn't considered a "hardy" thread but it was pretty and I was only going to be using it on the small flowers.  Each stitch was a cross stitch so that should add some hardiness to it.  I started with the red birds and did the Cashmere stitch.  Then I stitched the coral one using the Byzantine #2 from Stitches To Go.  I did mirror image direction change on each of those.  I originally started stitching Upright Cross on the pink birds because I love that stitch and it's definitely tough.  However, with the small stitch, the pink birds were receding behind the others and I really wanted those to look as though they were up front and center.  Remember that light threads and larger stitch patterns are what you need to make something come forward.  So went with the Criss-Cross Hungarian and added a little sparkly Kreinik for small crosses.  I like the way it turned out.  Then I was able to use the trusty Upright Cross stitch for the lighter lime green leaves.  Win-win. 

Nothing super fancy but I like it and that is all that counts.

I used Impressions for the background and the leaves and I wish I had used it for the entire piece, really.  Impressions is just so easy and nice to stitch with and it wears well.  Hopefully, the Vineyard Merino will be tough.  It was definitely "tougher" to stitch with.  The twist just gets in my way and it's frustrating.  Can't get in a good flow with stitching.  I created a few Smyrna crosses with Kreinik from my stash just to jazz it up a little but - hope those hold up as well.  I'm not too hard on my wallet.  And I made sure to secure them very well on the back.  These Lee products are nice in that they have a sticky surface to stick the needlework against which also helps against wayward threads coming loose.  I pulled the canvas out and replaced it once on my old wallet so I had to glue it in place with the sticky stuff gone.  But that wallet was a trooper - I almost hate to let it go.  Almost.

Sunday night, I went ahead and got it "stuck" and glued into my new wallet.  You have to use some tacky glue up under the lip of the black leather so it doesn't pull up. 

I am super excited about it. 



RobinG said...

Hi Suzanne, I LOVE this. I have an insert for a checkbook that I've been mulling over, and you've given me absolutely splendid ideas. Mine has three large flowers, some leaves and a patterned background. I'd already decided on basketweave for the background, and now, thanks to you, I know what I'm going to do with the flowers. Thanks! Robin in Indiana

Catherine Stroup said...

Looks great and so functional too!

Suzanne said...

Thank you and "Yay!" Impressions is a rock star thread to use on these - even for basketweave. I did diagonal mosaic on this background and on my old checkbook and it held up great! Happy stitching!