Monday, January 26, 2015

And the stash count is......


I thought it would be in the 20s.  Whoa!  I make a resolution every year to finish more than I start....or complete my stash before buying anything else....what a hoot!  Maybe I should get an owl canvas - like one of Vicki Sawyer's...   Dang...see that's what happens...everything makes me want a new canvas.   I guess 48 is fitting since I will turn 48 on my birthday this Saturday.   Maybe I should buy a birthday canvas...   Oy Vey....something tells me I'm NOT alone in this...
Here is my list:
Melissa Shirley Fruit series
8 Kelly Clark Halloweenies
Beaded Margaritas
Crab belt
beaded mitten
beaded star
We Can Do It - Rosie the Riveter
Shop Till You Drop banner
Renaissance Santa paper doll canvas
Maggie Mouse on bike
Meri-Meri Rudolph and Santa
E&E Swirling Snowmen
Petei Santa- University of Texas
Eloise standup
5 of 12 Fabulous Fir club
Monster's Ball backdrop
4 of 12 Monster's Ball club figures
Architectural piece
Stained Glass Cross
Rebecca Wood Santa
Beaded wine glass
Raymond Crawford Champagne class
Strictly Christmas Texas Santa
LL Cone tree
2 Kelly Clark heritage ornaments
E&E retreat piece with birds
1 new wallet insert - need a canvas
St. Clare of Assisi
30" Amanda Lawford Santa

Hmmm....    Now in fairness, almost all of these have been started.  Even if it is only one of Santa's cheeks on the giant Amanda Santa.  I think that what I need to do is finish all of the ones that are close to being complete.  Most of these are bagged with threads/supplies...but not all.  It's funny how I seem to pick up a piece and stitch just the parts that call out to me creatively or that I 'know' what I want to do in that particular area of the piece.  Then, apparently I put it down and move on to another piece.  I finished up quite a few pieces last year because I picked up the ones that were almost done and just did basketweave or an easy stitch on remaining areas just to finish and not think so hard about it.   That actually worked like a charm so I might just need to do that.  I know that I overthink many of my pieces.  Some I totally overstitch as well...but whatever, right?  
I think it will help me to start sending some pieces off to the finisher.   I am very excited about that.  I already picked out 4 pieces to send as a trial.   I just need to monogram the backing fabric and pick out ribbons from my stash - yes, I also have an amazing ribbon inventory.  It's a sickness.   My goal is to have those in the mail by Friday.   Am I the only one who is a little fluttery in the stomach to put my needlepoint in the mail?   No amount of insurance could cover that loss - so it's not even a question of just adding enough insurance.  I know that some of my pieces will never go in the mail.   I will have to arrange to drop them off with the finisher and pick them up...I just know I couldn't stomach it. 

I might post a few pics to get me motivated to stitch/complete some of the stash pieces.  Many of you have such wonderful ideas and advice to share and that might just be the push I need., that is a lot.  There are actually a few in my stash that I just don't like anymore or don't want to finish.  It's always tricky to decide to sell those to pass them on to another stitcher who will enjoy it more when they have already been started.  But some folks don't mind.  So, I guess now I need to decide if I'm keeping all 48 pieces or letting some go....or just letting them sit in the "stash" closet until I like them again....stay tuned.
I still have a list of non-needlepoint projects to work on as well - probably a dozen things in that list:
  • Scrapbooking - did great the first half of my daughter's life and then flat-lined on the past 10 years....yikes!
  • T-shirt quilts - bought the heat press and have all the supplies, just need to "get 'er done" now (camp shirts, concert shirts)
  • Baby clothes keepsake quilt - already cut up the clothes that I saved for 20 years & made darling squares - just need to make the quilt
  • Heirloom pillows - legacy keepsakes made from special outfits and deb ball dress
  • Chalk-painting projects - barstools and a side table
  • Custom stockings for a family member - have the fabric, just need to cut, monogram, and sew.
  • Childhood artwork and keepsakes - I have a number of items to get framed or otherwise preserved for legacy enjoyment.
  • Monogramming projects
  • T-shirt bags - I made a dozen of these and love them so much for the grocery store - need to make a few more.
And this list doesn't include the knitting stash - actually it's not so bad but I do have 5 or 6 projects all kitted up that I need to knit on someday.

So.....I was definitely designed to be a stay-at-home mom/homemaker....too bad I've always been a single working mom.    Maybe some day......



Anonymous said...

You are making me laugh. I have a very large "stash" which doesn't bother me at all. It's like my husband's wine cellar. He won't finish all that wine before he dies. And I'm not going to finish all those canvases. Someone told me once "It's like can enjoy just looking at the beautiful canvases". People collect all sorts of stuff. We collect canvases. (Trust me much better than my old jewelry habit.) Here's what does drive me crazy. UNFINISHED canvases. I tend to stitch seasonally, so I may have half a dozen going at once. I am pretty good about not starting new ones until "the other one for the season" is finished. LOL

Suzanne said...

What would be bad is if I told what my actual count of completely stitched but not yet finished canvases. Oh, but I do enjoy my stash and even looking through my completed stash. it's like my own personal art collection indeed. :)

Preppy Pink and Green Puppy said...

I am with you on the mail. Whenever I send finishing I just pay the post office guy and say a little prayer that it arrives safely. Heck, I just sent four canvases and a boatload of thread off to a stitch guide writer. I haven't even started but just the thought of the USPS getting their grubby hands on it made me nervous.

Suzanne said...

Yikes! I've never sent my purchase off to a stitch writer....can't even imagine. Happy stitching!