Friday, November 21, 2014 little tiny bead at a time.

I have two of the Kelly Clark heritage ornaments and I have decided to bead both of them...yep, the entire thing. 

I have actually enjoyed it and it's going faster than I expected.  However, it is really difficult to pack that many beads in and have them look excellent.   I guess I decided that they would be beautiful anyway and besides that, who is going to look that closely?  And then I decided to try to take a picture of my progress....uh.....that means a close look.   Drat.

And the flash glints off of the beads and distorts the quality a's a cool effect though. 

Here is my progress on the first one.

I will try to get a better picture later.  Still trying to decide if/how to do the leaves and the bow.  I had originally intended to bead those as well - maybe I will go ahead and give it a go.  Maybe I shall add a little background t-stitch and leave it alone to add "real" leaves and ribbons for bow during finishing.  Stay tuned.
Here is my progress on the second one.  
I thought I would do something "different" on the lower part of the ornament, but it's not working out and I'm still struggling with what to do there.  Will probably end up extending the same technique from the top down through the bottom if I can make it work. 
Happy beading.

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