Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Union Jack

Back in 2004, my daughter went to an acting workshop in London.  She was 10 years old.  Mind you, she went by herself...I've never been.  Crazy, huh?
One of the little treasures that my sweet girl bought for me and brought home was a beaded coin purse in the design of the United Kingdom flag.  I've used it all of these years and it's starting to fall apart.  I've been trying to stitch keepsake memory items over the years and did not have a needlepoint ornament to symbolize this occasion so I had one custom-painted and I beaded the entire piece so that it would always remind me of that sweet little coin purse gift from my young daughter while also representing her trip.  

Here is my Union Jack!

Here's to stitching some "memories on branches" - keepsake needlepoint ornaments for your Christmas tree/Ornament tree. 


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