Monday, November 24, 2014

New York City!

All the girls in my family recently went on a trip together to NYC and it was so much fun. 
Here are a few pics of me and my sweet girl together...

   Of course, the shows were amazing!    

maybe let's just not talk about this one - too much alcohol makes a Mom do crazy stuff....

   and daughters kiss fishes....
But we had the most amazing time and I wouldn't trade one minute.  

Rita's needlepoint in NYC has some really neat exclusive ornaments to commemorate New York City.  I ordered this one and completed it this weekend....I like it a lot.
Love the "purple" background which was the color it was painted and it looks good/unique - stitched in Silk Lame braid, it has just enough sparkle.  I just used floss to basketweave the skyline.  Red Neon Rays in the diagonal mosaic, reversed directions, for the apple to make it shiny.  I did a twisted bullion for the stem - got to use my new extra long bullion needles.   For the leaf, tent stitch under and then tacked a little "real" leaf on top.  The snowflakes were done last and on top of everything else.  This is my third time to use the & MORE beads in size 15 and I really love them.  These were the clear translucent ones and very matte in finish which I liked for this.  In the entire tube, I probably only tossed out 2 or 3 beads because they wouldn't fit over my beading needle.  That's amazing.   Try them if you get a chance - they really are superior beads and not just a shameless plug for my friend, Julia.  The & More beading thread is pre-waxed and works really great for times like this when you are using only one strand.  It's a little thick if you double it, but to me, that's not required so it's all good.  I do generally double the Sundance beading thread for the brick-beading method I like so much. 
I used a cross-stitch method, with single strand of beading thread to make all the beads sit straight.  Just learned that technique and it was definitely the best choice for this piece. 
For a simply little canvas, it turned out really cute.  Hopefully you get a chance to stitch up a trip memory like this for your branches.


Catherine Stroup said...

Hi! I've been following your blog for a week or two now. Love your work!

My favorite NYC ornament is the tree at Rockefeller center in an oval shape by DJ designs. I have not stitched it yet, but plan to do the tree entirely in beads.

Catherine from CT

Diane Gasior said...

Hey Soul Sister. I saw Book of Mormon twice!!!!

Also, where did you find the & More beads? I love the ornament.

Suzanne said...

Book of Mormon was my FAVORITE! I bought them at Needlepoint This! in Dallas. The colors are great, too. They are perfect for 18-count. Tiny little containers though.

Thanks, lovely!

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Catherine! I will have to look for that daughter and I are planning to do a NYC Christmas next year! That would be the most perfect ornament since I love beading!

:)thanks for following me.