Tuesday, November 4, 2014


~~~ Message to my Mom, don't look.....close out now and wait until your birthday.  ~~~
I had so much fun this weekend in Dallas, Texas taking a class from the creative Patricia Sone at the Needlepoint This! shop!   It was a two-day class for this beautiful Melissa Shirley pink Santa.   Patricia is an amazing teacher and the stitch selections were awesome...definitely for an intermediate advanced stitcher which I love and also some composite stitches using different threads and techniques.  It's always fun to learn new things....or learn the right way to do something that you already "know" how to do. 
The shop owners were so friendly, caring and accommodating.   Don't you just love it when you feel like a shop owner is just so happy you are there and just wants you to be happy?    I was the only student from afar (all of the others lived in the DFW area) and my classmates were super friendly - always neat to make new friends in the needlepoint world...it's my fave!  Boy, were there some super-talented stitchers in that group!
Here is a peak at the Santa we worked on.  I still have quite a bit remaining but I made more progress than usual since I had a few hours to stitch Saturday night before Sunday's class.  I have to bead the velvet coat and hat and fix a few areas that I missed.  The coat lining will also have beads.  The beard is a twisted lazy daisy stitch that definitely takes a little practice but I think I will eventually be able to make it look good.  I am super excited about the Bargello background - instead of stitched the snowflakes, I am going to stitch over the painting and add some clear sequins/beads on the top at the end. 

There is a LOT going on in this canvas---so many layers and tiny details.   Just when you think you have really made a dent, then you realize....not so much
Still to go....background, snowflakes, fur trim, mustache, beard, poinsettias, mittens, basket handle, rabbit ear (stumpwork/needleweaving), snow, tassel, border......whew!   I hope to finish this piece by November 15 for my Mother's birthday.  She is the one that does the pink and burgundy Christmas decor....and she loves bunnies....so she is going to go nuts over this canvas. 
Stay tuned for the finished product.  And definitely visit Needlepoint This in Dallas if you get the chance.  


Diane Gasior said...

It is going to be beautiful when it's finished and knowing you, that will be next week. Hurry I can't wait.

Suzanne said...

Silly girl! When are we going to do a retreat together?