Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mr. & Mrs. Claus

I'm almost done with the cute Claus outfit ornaments that I bought recently.  I've just got to figure out what to do on Mrs. Claus's collar. 

Was attempting to make it look like lace/eyelet...not sure about it yet.  Considering putting these leaves and red beads on top if I continue with this eyelet idea.  Am afraid my collar will be too much whiter than the vineyard silk I used in the body.  Also thought about applique collar with a stitched holly trim on top and possibly crochet the edging myself or just tack on a pre-made edging.....stay tuned for this one. 
Love the way everything else turned out but mostly just because I loved stitching it.  Was relaxing and quick and fun.

Here is how the Mr. turned out.  Very simple stitching made it super relaxing and enjoyable to stitch.  Sometimes I just tire of stitching detail and need something like these.

My plan is to use white angora fiber for the trim on his and white pearl trim on hers when finishing.

If you are interested in these items or others by this talented artist - she posts her original creations on eBay under the name Sharese and you can click here to see all of her current listings.... also takes custom orders if there is something special you'd like to have custom painted.  She has large pillows in this same Claus suit design as well....I'm stitching that next! 



Tisha said...

You are amazing!!

Diane Gasior said...

To To cute. Love them!

Cindy Minick said...

Love your thinking outside the box! I like the idea of crocheting, can't wait to see the finish.

Sallie said...

can you tell me what you used for the belt buckle - stitch and fiber? Thank you.

Suzanne said...

The belt buckles were stitched with gold Kreinik braid for the Upright Cross stitch. I can send you a diagram of it if you need it or you can find it in the Stitches To Go book. I used the #12 size of Kreinik braid but if you don't like it thick and tight, then you could certainly use a #8. I wanted it to be fully covered and have a bumpy texture. Happy Stitching!