Monday, October 13, 2014

the White Rabbit

I've been wanting Jody's famous "White Rabbit" for a long time so I finally got it...YAY!

I loved the orange background - it's exactly the one I wanted.   I struggled with how to stitch the orange background and finally decided on BEADS!  I love beading.  I know that many folks really don't care for it but I really like the process of beading and definitely I absolutely love the look of the beaded areas.  Brick beading is so easy and carefree that it's very relaxing to me. That is the method I used for this background below.  I like that brick beading allows for the painted shading to show through as well.  I also prefer Sundance beads over all of the other brands...tend to have fewer beads that don't fit over the beading needle and most are uniform in size.  Plus I love the colors best.

This picture doesn't do the beaded background justice but you get the idea...

I used pink Neon Rays for the little slightly padded nose and white fuzzy stuff for the bunny in random long and short stitches in the direction of the ear/side of face although you really can't see the direction much in the finished product.  I imagine that it probably would have looked terrible and been obvious if I hadn't stitched in the proper directions.  I put the black memory thread on for the whiskers at the end.  Can't wait to put some really cute Easter ribbons on the top of this one to bring in some other pastel colors.
I promise to get my good camera out and take better pictures soon.  I actually signed up to take a photography class and since I was the only student that showed up, we had to reschedule to November.  The teacher is super nice and is helping me with methods of photographing needlework so that I can learn how to get good closeups, etc.  So hopefully my picture quality will improve for you soon.
So happy to have another Easter ornament.  I've sworn off Halloween because I really don't even (never have) celebrate that holiday much but the needlepoint is so much fun that it always sucks me in.  I've done entirely too many Halloween needlepoint pieces.  So I'm actively looking for other holidays or "everyday" type pieces - and of course, always always always CHRISTMAS!


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Diane Gasior said...

Hey Sister! I did that one also!