Thursday, September 11, 2014

A Studio....

This is a bit of a departure but I watched some fascinating YouTube videos recently about needlepoint/embroidery designers and this lovely woman, Janet Haigh, has one of the most beautiful studio workspaces I've ever seen.  It would be my dream come true to have a space this beautiful.  I love the stained glass windows and all the natural lighting.  I'd love to have a large space where I could have areas for each of my crafts and I would most definitely include a large comfy chair with my fabulous Ott lighting and needlepoint stand.  It just looks like a room that would be perfect for sunny days and especially for wonderful rainy favorite!  You can see her story here if you are interested.

She also has a neat blog:

Here is a picture of her amazing studio....

I just love the "vintage" feel of this space and that you wouldn't feel like you had to keep it pristine or be careful in there.   That's the loveliness of "old".  You can see a little more of this space in the video link - there is even a kiln in the room which would be such a dream.  My daughter knows how to throw pottery and absolutely loves it.  Someday I will have to add that to my DIY and crafting repertoire. 
Of course I have a Pinterest board devoted to studio spaces and items.  As you know, I use an antique card catalog for my thread/fiber storage for my needlepoint and I absolutely love it.  I would love to add more antique pieces like this for studio storage such as old dental or medical metal cabinetry.  The possibilities are endless...

I want a customized studio of my very own.   And someday I will have it.


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