Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A gift for a hero...

My best friend's husband served our country for 25 years in the Army.  A few years back, I stitched a large Christmas piece and had it framed for her so this year I stitched this awesome piece to have framed for him in gratitude for all he's done for all of us.  Sure hope he doesn't read my blog....actually I don't even think she does, so I should be in the clear. 

I saw this Kneeling/Praying Soldier piece on the Needlepoint Nation fb group and decided to have my LNS order it for me.  It's a Unique New Zealand piece on 13-count which threw me a little bit but it was also a nice departure from the regular 18-count stuff.  It came painted with a lime green soldier and a navy background but I changed it up a bit and used a dark hunter green for the background.  I first stitched the background in diagonal mosaic with Silk & Ivory. I tried to use the camouflage thread, an overdyed Silk 'N Colors, for the soldier but it just didn't have enough contrast.  So unfortunately I ripped it all out.  Sure wishing I had carefully removed some of that expensive thread after getting to the end of the border (see top right) and was lacking about an inch to finish.   AAARRRRGGHHHHH!!!!!   Don't ya just hate it when that happens?  So I guess I need to run down to the store and get another skein.  Dammit.
Thanks to the ladies at PFOS for help in picking a stitch for the soldier.  I struggled and stitched it about four different ways before I settled on the Triple Diagonal Parisian and I really like it now that it's all stitched.  It is an encroaching stitch with no direction but it still has a recognizable pattern.  I really like that it has some texture and is obvious without being obnoxious on this canvas.  It wasn't too difficult to compensate although I worried about some of the little tent stitches around edges but I don't think they are really obvious to a lay person so that's good. 
I was then holding an entire skein of the beautiful camouflage thread and was bound and determined to use it, not lose it...LOL   So, I decided to add a border.  My favorite border of all time is the Backstitched Herringbone but I thought it might look a little feminine and I wanted this to be strongly masculine if possible.  I like the way it turned out.   I will try to take a higher quality photograph when completely finished.  I hope to get it to the framer soon so that I can give it to him for Christmas. 
If you have a soldier in your life that might like this, I strongly recommend it.  It stitched up quickly and is really fun.  It would be absolutely gorgeous with the navy background and a bright lime green for a female soldier.  
Today I'm truly thankful for all of the heroes who serve this country.   My prayers are with them all. 


Cindy Minick said...

Love this Suzanne! I have a nephew serving in Afghanistan right now and this would be a great gift for him, thanks.

Suzanne said...

I highly recommend it, Cindy...it stitches quickly and was really fun. And it's not as terribly expensive as some other canvases these days. If you don't have a LNS, call PFOS and they will ship it to you. :)