Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A fabulous needlepoint RETREAT!

This past weekend was the needlepoint retreat at Pocket Full of Stitches here in Lubbock and I was so excited.   Gail Downing of Eye and Eye and Friends was here as teacher.  There were four canvases to choose from and as par for my life, I was lone descenter....the only one who selected the bird canvas.   But it worked out okay.  I am having so much fun stitching this cute canvas.  There were two other canvases that I wanted to stitch after seeing what everyone was doing with was crazy!  Here is a picture of my canvas with progress in most areas.  I bought some cute embellishments for later.
I changed a few things on the stitch guide but some were spot-on.  I really like the Skip Tent in Kreinik for the looks like I beaded it and really shows the beautiful painted shading on the sky.  I am stitching over the swirls and snowflakes and will add them in later.  I am planning to try to bead a snowflake independently on small gauge wire and then attach to the canvas.  The stitch guide calls for couching a heavy Kreinik for the swirls and that will probably be cute.  
The trees are going to be really fun.  Boucle for the green and Fuzzy Stuff for the white, both stitched in random long stitches to cover.   I will be adding beads to decorate the trees at the end.  The birdhouse is almost done - I just have the right side to finish and part of the roof.   I stitched the left side in rows of backstitched herringbone (my favorite stitch) in black with white backstitching.  I really like that it mimics the painted idea.  The front of the birdhouse is rows of Wheat Stitch for the brown which was suggested in the stitch guide and I really liked that.  I had never used the Wheat Stitch before that.  I changed the white rows to a padded satin row using perle cotton underneath and wool on top.  I like the dimension.
I am still working on the birds but they are coming along.  It's so whimsical that just about anything I'm still pondering some of the areas.   I will get a better picture as I make a little more progress.  
Gail was such a complete joy and it was really fun for me to get to attend this year and be around such lovely and talented women.   And as always, Megan and the Pockettes are simply wonderful.  Megan is a superb chef and so the food is always amazing.  The new tables and chairs in the classroom are very much improved so it was a really comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.  I really enjoyed it.  There are some pictures on the PFOS blog.

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