Tuesday, August 19, 2014

the Monster's Ball....

I'm making progress on the backdrop for the Monster's Ball series...

I keep thinking..."Wow, this piece is bigger than I thought..."   I keep stitching and stitching and it feels like I still have miles to go.  Really, I just have a ghost, a cat, a spider, some pumpkins, some bones, some signs and a really big tree.   Hmmm, I guess I still have a mile or two to go.   Ever wonder how many "miles" of thread you've stitched?  I wonder things like that occasionally. 
I really want to finish this series but I am about to abandon it for an adorable little snowball fight squirrel by Scott Church.  If I posted a picture of the canvas, you'd all vote for abandoning the Halloween right now because it's just that stinkin' cute.  I have some good ideas but I just need to sit down and get started.  It's going to be super fun!


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Cindy Minick said...

Great stitching Suzanne, at least you have all the background completed and now you can have fun with the smaller elements.