Friday, August 15, 2014

Another little DG finish...

I stitched another tiny DG ornament.  Wanted to use my stash threads so I had a little snafu on the background but I guess it turned out okay.  My daughter liked it so that is all that counts.  I wanted to do the entire background in the lighter blue color but didn't have quite enough thread so I just created stripes - wishing that I had made the middle darker stripe more narrow than the others to show the greek letters better but it's allright. 

Considering going back in and beading the greek letters on top of the stitching...not sure yet, might just leave it alone.  It is fun to have some things completed.  I need to go through my entire stash and finish all the WIPs..that would be a great feeling.

This is a Betsy B. Original for Painted Pony Designs that I picked up in a trunk show at The Needleworks in Austin.



Cindy Minick said...

Hi Suzanne, just wanted to let you know I have been trying to leave comments on previous posts, and have been unable to prove that I am not a "robot". Don't want your precious girls stitching to go unnoticed but blogger is not allowing me to complete the comments. Please let them know how wonderful their stitching is and I am so jealous they have learned to stitch at such a young age!

Suzanne said...

Thanks, Cindy! I modified my settings and so hopefully it's retaining comments a little easier now...I guess we'll see. Thanks for the sweet compliments to the girls. :)