Wednesday, July 9, 2014

"Timmy" the hamster...

When I brought the foster children into my home, the oldest came with a pet hamster named Timmy.   Definitely not something I would have ever intentionally obtained as a pet, but you go with the flow in these situations.  His name is Timmy.

For her third canvas, she stitched up a cutie-patooty little hamster that looks like her Timmy.  She learned new stitches like Rhodes hearts and circles, used furry threads and Trebizond, how to couch an outline thread, and how to use the bunka brush.  She did another great job on this one.  

It's been fun to watch them learn how to select stitches.  It's funny because they don't always trust me to have a clue what stitch would work and try to out-do me or tell me why it won't work.   Interesting phenomenon.....hmmmm.

Happy summer stitchin'...


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