Tuesday, July 1, 2014


It's Christmas in July!  Finally sat down and finished the Raymond Crawford SANTA series.  I only changed up a few parts of it to my liking and preference. I changed up the border and added some jingle bells...changed the color of a cup....no biggee.  A cute and fun series though.  These are the type of canvases that look best from far away when complete.  While you are stitching it, you can barely figure out what the picture is supposed to be at times.

Hopefully I can have this finished as a hinged panel display.  The only thing about series like this is that you have SOOOOOOO much thread leftover.  Fine to have thread to add to your stash but when I think about how much money I spent in barely necessary thread...I just can't believe it.   I guess that's why I don't buy pre-packaged kits very often.  It's nice to have stitch guides with suggestions but to have to purchase entire skeins of thread for a one-inch strip of canvas?   Hmmm....next time, I will just stick with the canvas purchase and use my own threads.  
At least now I've got two more stitchers in the house to help me use those stash threads!  I will post their progress soon.  Maybe you have little ones in your house that could learn to needlepoint?
Moving on to more WIPs since I have more than a few in my canvas stash.  I am going to see how many I can finish up before I start anything new...promise.   Yeah, I know I made that promise in 2013 also...but this time I mean it.   


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Emily said...

Do you have a stitch guide for this?? It's BEAUTIFUL!