Thursday, July 24, 2014

cutest little purse ever....

My little 10-year old daughter asked me to post a picture of her second needlepoint masterpiece.  Silly me, I thought I had already done that but apparently missed it, so here it is...this one is for my Lulu...

It amazes me how well these girls stitch and how many pieces they've done in just a month.  Seriously.  In this piece, she learned more basketweave, diagonal mosaic, satin, tent, scotch and even Rhodes!   She is adorable when she is stitching - sometimes she concentrates so hard and other times, she looks so casual while watching TV like she's been stitching for years.  She is learning to lay threads and uses her long little fingers/nails to do it.  How much fun is this?
It's been fun to "teach" beginners and see how it goes.  Someone asked the Needlepoint Nation how to progress from basic basketweave once you feel ready to learn more "advanced" stitches.  Made me think of how I've gone about teaching my girls.  Obviously, we started with basketweave and learned it the correct way...go up the steps and down the poles.  Then we progressed to easy diagonal stitches like Diagonal Mosaic or Scotch and then Scotch squares as a variation of that which they could see.  We learned how to tent small areas.  Then we moved on to gobelin/satin.  French knots and Rhodes came next just because their patterns called for it.  In the process, we've learned how to sit down and look the canvas over first to decide both threads and stitches.   That was the hardest can't just pick a stitch before you know what thread you'll be using.  And sometimes, it is the other way around.  So we got out a blank stitch guide form and started making the list.  If we knew we wanted a shiny thread like neon rays, then we'd need to lay it, then we'd need a stitch conducive to that.  For Lulu using 13-count canvases, we were more limited so we used lots of Silk & Ivory that didn't require laying so she could just learn the stitches.  For V, we could make rapid progress through it all...she just flies through every diagram and stitch practice and can do it all without any hesitation.  She even taught herself how to create beautiful silk ribbon embroidery on her own just reading the book and following the soon.
Both girls have learned to "frog"...which is just part of the process.  And I haven't ever done it for them, I required them to do it on their own as part of the learning process.  We learned the correct way to do that as well.  It didn't take long for each one of them to try to shortcut that process and stick their needle back into the hole....and you know where that ended up....a hot mess that required thread-cutting and extra time...well, some things you just have to learn the hard way in order to believe the "teacher", right?
Lulu is working on a larger canvas with an adorable dog on it....progress pictures soon.  V has started like her 7th or 8th piece I think and only been stitched for about five weeks or so. We watch NCIS during stitching time at night, which I know would totally crack up my Lubbock stitching friends.  Meanwhile, between lessons, I have made a lot of progress on my Monster's Ball backdrop piece that I started last year.  I only have three characters and about half the background piece to do.  Hopefully, I will have something to show soon.
So proud of my stitching girls!  What a blessing for sure.  I hope that you all can find some lucky children for whom to pass down the wonderful legacy.