Thursday, July 31, 2014

a weiner doggie....

Well, the 10-year old finished another piece.  She says it is "Adorbs!" and it is indeed.  check it out...she even made her into a girl doggie.  (wink)

She did the favorite t-stitch for the background and the shading still shows.   She repeated some stitches that she already knew and learned a few more.  I wrote up a stitch guide for her and we picked threads and she was able to follow along all by herself.  She did basketweave on the muzzle and diagonal mosaic for the ears and tail.  She was so excited to use very velvet for the nose.  She learned brick over 2 for the head and brick over 4 for the body.  She used two-ply so she even learned how to use a laying tool!  Even though she dreaded the shading in the body, she persevered and did a fantastic job!  So proud of her. I showed her how to pad and then cover with flair on one of the wieners and she did all the rest by herself in record time!   She's such a perfect little learner.  She and her sister are very advanced stitchers already.  I have never seen anything like it.  What a privilege to get to teach them.  My heart sings....

Way to go, Lulu!


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KreinikGirl said...

So good! Well done!