Monday, June 23, 2014

Viva Las Vegas!

My daughter turned 21 in how time flies.   We decided many years ago that we wanted to "do" Las Vegas for her 21st birthday.  And we did.   It was so much fun.  My best friend and AC's Godmother went with us.   We saw Blue Man group and took AC to see the "Thunder from Down Under"...hysterical.  I was amazed at how clean and well-maintained the strip is.  We learned how to play Craps and pulled a lot of slot machines.  And other than a dental emergency, it was a really awesome trip.  Equal amounts of relaxation, excitement, and good food.   I recommend it.   When we first got there, I thought it was a one-time-only type of experience for me - never thought I'd want to go back...that doing it once was fine.  Now I can see a second trip sometime in our future because this time we'd know exactly how to do it and what we like to do, etc. 

Of course I had to find a Las Vegas ornament and PFOS had some in stock.  Just finished this little cutie from Silver Needle last night.   Love it!   And love the holographic kreinik...looks like shiny neon lights.

I'm going to have to use a better camera....every time I post a picture on this blog that I thought was adorable in person, I look at it here and say "What?".....
Oh well, for now it will have to do....
XOXO, Suzanne

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