Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Off the grid....and now I'm back and stitching up a storm!

Well, I've been a little busy I guess raising three new foster kiddos so I have neglected my stitching time.   Three schools each day was a little hectic and didn't leave me time to do much else once I got home in the evening. Now that it's summertime, I'm getting back into the rhythm and finding some time to stitch in the evenings after work. The two girls, 16 and 10,  started their first needlepoint projects.  Yay!  

Here is how they started...with continental, basketweave, diagonal mosaic, diagonal!

Both are doing a really great job and it's fun to teach them. 

The oldest has already done a second piece that is an adorable snowman - I'll post a picture of the completed canvas soon.  She is so proud of herself...and rightly so - she is really good and super fast!

Hoping that all of my blog friends are stitching up some awesome pieces and haven't decided that I just abandoned my needlepoint world.  :) 

Here is what I stitched this week!

Not the best photo because the flash makes the gold longhorn look less awesome than it does in person.  so much fun to stitch...double cross in the background using UT orange velvet and kreinik.   Outlined the longhorn in a gold braid that just lifts it off the canvas.  So wonderful to be able to find stitching time again...I can feel my blood pressure lowering!


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