Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Winter snow...

We haven't had much snow this year in Lubbock. I'm actually hoping for a snow day or two. 

Not too late for a little Winter tree ornament.  It's a favorite of mine - love the sweet colors and funky shape.  Hope you are enjoying the winter months where you are.  

It's been a big year for us...we are adopting three foster kiddos so now I am a single Mom of FOUR children!   We had a great Christmas and break but I was sure ready for school to start.  We are settling into a routine but this is most definitely the most challenging undertaking of my life.  Not much time to needlepoint but I'm hoping to teach the two girls...I think they will love it.  My oldest daughter never quite took to the same love of needlework and crafts as me.  She's uber-creative, but in a different way. 

Hoping to finish my Foster/Adopt ornament next!


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