Wednesday, September 25, 2013

If it's sitting still....

....then it gets chalk-painted!  At least it seems that way lately.  I love the result so much that I'm looking around my house for things to re-paint.  LOL

This weekend it was my old faithful console TV.  I know....and yes, they still exist.  hehe


I will try to take a better "finished" picture.  Not sure if I will leave it as is or change it up a bit.  I think what I'm not 'diggin' is the speaker part...I might just paint over those areas on the side.  If I am brave enough to take the back off and see if I can reach it, I might try to cover with a cute fabric. 

What I should do is drag myself into the 21st century and buy a flat-screen.  I've never owned one.   I just can't make myself spend the money - I'd rather have it for needlepoint and other crafts.   :)

I also repainted my favorite bedside table and distressed it a lot since that was it's charm to start with.   I will post pics later. 

Hopefully you are getting some stitching done...while I'm painting what isn't nailed down.  Might start that soon.  LOL


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