Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh, the wonder of Chalk Paint!

My weekend project was to transform my old 1980's dresser. I thought I I did! I made homemade chalk paint by adding Plaster of Paris to latex paint and it works like a charm. I painted the dresser with no priming or prepping whatsoever, then sanded/distressed it, and finally waxed it. Oh, and I added legs to it to raise it off the ground and give it a better "look". I haven't decided what type of hardware I'm going to put on it yet - probably a mixed bag of antique hardware. Before:
XOXO, Suzanne


Margaret said...

Well I think that is an amazing restoration. That is a lot of work to make it look so perfect. I , myself, am pretty good at smearing stuff up so can fully appreciate the job you have done.

Suzanne said...

Actually it was one of the easiest things I've ever done...did it all in one day...seriously. I'm just in shock...every time I walk by it, I can't believe I did it! :)