Thursday, August 22, 2013

Dorm Room Delight!

My darling daughter's third year in college, how time flies! This year, she moved into the Delta Gamma house and has a new sweetie of a roommate. I had the privilege of basically carte blanche to create their new room. This is the basic dorm-style bed situation. The girls found a room that had homemade headboards and the girls in the that room didn't want them so we grabbed while we could.
I sketched the room...
And then picked fabrics...
Here is what the recovered headboards look like:
I also decided that I would recover a futon mattress that I already had and would build my own futon base for it. Yes, I know...I have the "She thought she could so she did" syndrome. This is the base with the futon before the new white fluffy cover that you'll see in the finished pics.
I bought a black cheapo bookcase in a garage sale for $15. I got a recipe for homemade chalk paint using Plaster of Paris and yep, made my own white chalk paint. Here is the "new" bookcase for their room:
My old lady puppy helped keep me company and "hold down the fort fabric".
Added ball fringe to the plaid curtains:
I made some throw pillows for the bed and a navy velvet for the futon:
This is how it turned out... (please excuse the poor quality cell phone pics)
Love the covered bulletin board over the fridge:
I love sewing and crafting and creating so much. It was such a joy to fix their room up and the loved it. I got the sweetest thank you note in the mail from my daughter as soon as I got back home. XOXO, Suzanne


Diane Gasior said...

Just beautiful!

Suzanne said...

Thanks! a labor of love :)